Dit is onze service voor het MKB: Lindorff-GO

Dit is onze service voor het MKB: Lindorff-GO

Lindorff-GO, onze nieuwe incasso service speciaal voor MKB organisaties. Deze nieuwe mobiele service is overal en gemakkelijk te gebruiken. Door gebruik te maken van Lindorff-GO, krijgt u uw vorderingen sneller betaald!

At Lindorff we understand that it can be hard to run your own company and that admin work is something that takes time out of bringing in new business and working with your customers. 
Therefore we have Lindorff GO that helps you save time and money if your customer doesn’t pay your bill.

With Lindorff GO you easily sign up here on our website using your bank id. At the same time send us your first claim that you then can follow in our app.

There is no fee for you in using Lindorff GO at final payment you will recieve the capital sum and our revenue is the law regulated fee and the interest that will be added in the claim towards your customer. Please note that your services includes VAT and at the time of the payout we will deduct VAT. If we need to recall a disputed claim you as our customer will be debited unpaid fees and other potential costs. To find out the full terms and conditions of this service please see Terms an conditions

Our ambition is that your customers should pay as fast as possible and adding the Lindorff name does help. We see that XX % of all SME claims are paid before legal proceedings.


This is how it works for you 

This is how it will work for you customer.

Aan de slag met Lindorff-GO