Privacy Statement

This privacy statement comes into effect on 1 January 2016 and supersedes all previous versions

Who is Lindorff?

Lindorff is a credit management firm, based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, focusing on clients in the financial, telecom, energy and retail sectors. On June 27th 2017 Lindorff and Intrum Justitia combined to form the industry leading provider of credit management services.

Lindorff was founded in 1898 and offers services within debt collection and debt purchase as well as payment and invoicing services. Intrum Justitia was founded in 1923 and offers comprehensive services, including purchase of receivables, designed to measurably improve clients’ cash flows and long-term profitability. The combination of Intrum Justitia and Lindorff has local presence in 23 markets across Europe and a team of around 8,000 employees that are committed to promote a sound economy. The combined company had pro-forma revenues of SEK 12.9 billion for the twelve months ending March 2017 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Intrum Justitia AB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For further information, please visit or

Lindorff is a member of the Dutch association of debt collection agencies (‘Nederlandse Vereniging van Incasso-ondernemingen’, ‘NVI’). For more information on NVI, see

Company data:
Lindorff B.V.
Address: Spoetnik 20, 3824 MG Amersfoort
PO Box: PO Box 2750, 3800 GJ Amersfoort
Phone number: 088-2225100
Registered under number: 05025428


Why does Lindorff have a privacy statement?

Lindorff is aware that you place trust in us as a business and we see it as our responsibility to protect your personal data. We believe it is essential to have a robust personal data protection policy which informs you properly about our data processing. Our website has always allowed you to check how Lindorff uses your personal data. However, you might not be aware of all aspects of this. In order to ensure that all those concerned remain fully informed about why Lindorff processes your personal data, we have included our personal data protection policy in our privacy statement. This privacy statement covers the services provided by Lindorff.

We are unable to operate our business without processing some of your personal data. The Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (‘Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens’, ‘WBP’) includes a notification obligation. This essentially means that all processing of personal data must be notified to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’, ‘Dutch DPA’). The Dutch DPA maintains a public register of all data processing activities (and changes therein), together with a number of details, such as the purpose, the type of data subject and the categories of data. The public register of the Dutch DPA can be found on the website:

The personal data filing system of Lindorff is registered under:

Lindorff B.V. Notification number 1032151


What is the role of Lindorff in the context of the WBP?

Lindorff is a data controller in the meaning of the Dutch Data Protection Act (‘WBP’). Lindorff ensures that we process your personal data - whether you are a debtor of one of our clients or whether you are one of our clients - in accordance with this privacy statement.

Where a client of ours determines the purposes and the means of data processing activities in respect of its debtors, that client will be the data controller in respect of that personal data. Where agreed to in writing, Lindorff will act as processor of this personal data on behalf of our client.


What data does Lindorff collect and process?

Lindorff makes a distinction between personal data and anonymous data. Personal data is data that can be used to establish your identity, such as your name, address, email address, telephone number and age. Lindorff may obtain your personal data in a variety of ways. In the first place, you may have provided the personal data yourself. Also, Lindorff may have obtained your personal data from our clients or other contacts. Anonymous data is any data that cannot be used to establish your identity. Lindorff may also process anonymous data.


Why does Lindorff process your personal data?

Lindorff processes your personal data for the following purposes:
1. Debt collection and credit management on behalf of its clients and its own accounts.
2. Information feedback to clients in relation to individual debtors.
3. Credit reference checks and risk management for hire purchase agreements and other forms of credit.
4. Advice to third parties on payment arrears.
5. Statistical purposes, in particular for development of scoring models.
6. Assistance in preventing excessive credit and other problematic debt situations among debtors.
7. Enforcement of collateral.

Lindorff processes your personal data exclusively for the purposes stated above. Lindorff may also provide your personal data to credit reference agencies and to third parties involved in the processing and execution of said purposes. Lindorff has entered into data processing agreements with these third parties.

Where permitted under applicable national regulations, Lindorff may also exchange your personal data with its operating companies and with associated businesses and other organisations, which may be established outside the EU, for the purposes set out in this privacy statement.


How does Lindorff protect your personal data?

Together with data processors, where applicable, Lindorff takes appropriate organisational and technical measures to ensure the security of the filing systems in which your personal data is stored. By doing this, we ensure that your data can only be accessed by persons authorised to do so in the conduct of their work, and that the data is only used for the purposes for which it was obtained.

For technical or operational reasons, it may be necessary to transfer your personal data to the servers of businesses associated with Lindorff. However, your data will be protected at all times to the best of our abilities and will be treated confidentially.


Does this privacy statement also cover Lindorff's websites?

Lindorff operates a number of websites. These may include links to other websites. Lindorff is not responsible for the data protection policy of other websites or resources.


What rights do I have in relation to the processing of my personal data?

You have the right to access your data and the right to rectify it. Questions on this will only be accepted in writing (preferably by electronic means). Access to your personal data is possible by sending an email request to Please enclose a copy of a valid form of ID with your request. We will be happy to help if you need information on your personal data or if you want to make changes. If we accept your request, we will send you a full statement of your personal data in the notified data processing activities within 30 days. If Lindorff has accepted a request to rectify, to add to, to delete or to block data, we will inform any third parties to which this data has been provided of the changes made. Lindorff is not under an obligation to do this if it would prove impossible or if the effort needed would be disproportionate.


Changes to this privacy statement

Lindorff may amend this privacy statement at any time without notice. We advise you to consult this privacy statement from time to time to ensure you are familiar with any changes to it.


Questions and feedback

If you have any questions or feedback on this privacy statement, please write to Lindorff, PO Box 2750, 3800GJ Amersfoort and clearly mark your correspondence as relating to ‘Privacy’.

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